Friday, September 30, 2005

Resources for Research on Indian stocks

India Research sites:

Regulatory sites:
1. SEC: For Indian ADR's like Infosys, Tata Motors, Rediff - searh for Form 20F (Annual filings), 424B4 (prospectus), etc.
2. Bombay Stock Exchange Website - get annuals, quarterly filings of companies.
3. National Stock Exchange Website

News sites:
1. Hindu Business Line - the best one in this writer's opinion.
2. Business Standard - the second best
3. Financial Express
4. Economic times

Finanace web sites:
1. Message board section gives rumuor mill on a company. Also there is a section where one can see the block trades for any stock.
2. Some of the company information is often outdated.
3. Good source of corporate information - use with care.

1. For daily commentary on the market.
2. The most widely read blog in India, though it is not entirely on the financial markets.
3. Blog from the "Seeking Alpha" network".


Pavan said...

Hi Gaurav,

Came across your blog via seekingalpha's IndiaStock page. Liked your oil and the dollar peg post.

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