Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Is the party getting over?

It is becoming difficult for DOW to get to new highs. Plus Ericsson warned majorly today. Yahoo is reporting today, and if previous quarters are any guide it will be a mess. Tech has been outperformer in the last month (see Nasdaq). If tech takes a hit today, then we have a problem. Then oil is also touching $88.

Note that when I mention in the previous post that oil is going to $60, it is pure speculation. I am not an oil analyst and have no clue on inventories of oil etc. Speculating is a useful art that I am trying to learn.

Tata Power went up by 20% today. Look at the difference between the valuation of Reliance Energy and Tata Power now. One can argue that Tata Power can also set up a subsidiary like Reliance Energy is doing with Reliance Power and get the same crazy valuation. I am speculating on Tata Power tomorrow.

This is getting crazy by the day. $5 billion companies gain 20% on no news.

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