Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stocks on radar

CNBC ran a 5 min clip on holding stocks trading at huge discount to assets. With the current run up in stock prices, one can argue that the stocks that these holding stocks own are expensive, rather than the holding companies being cheap. Still, it will be useful to have these on radar. TCI Finance, which owns Gati, could be interesting.

Mcdowell Holdings
Nagreeka Capital
TCI Finance
BNK Capital


sanjeeb kumar pani said...

Hi..Gourav..it is nice to gothrough your restaurant.Good to know that you follow Tom Peter.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Gourav (most people spell it "Gaurav")

Other members of this band include
1. Vindhya Tele whose subsidiaries own 33 percent of Birla COrp
2. Ashim Investments which owns all the JK Group Companies - Value over Rs.240 per share - price 55
3.Netflier Info - another JK Group investment Company - Value Rs.180 price Rs.35
4. Haryana Fincap - holding Maharashtra Seamless avlue over Rs.200 mkt price Rs.60
5.Rajapalayam Mills - holding MAdras Cement value over Rs.4000 mkt price Rs.700

All these can be part of your Restaurant's Menu.

Understand that Kotak's had recently come out with A PMS, which was basically investing in such high intrinsic value Companies, which can explain part of the recent run up in these shares.