Thursday, November 22, 2007

Trip to Bhopal

I went to Bhopal last weekend to visit my sister. It is a really nice city, with some good tourist attractions. I would recommend anyone to go there for a weekend. As wikitravel doesn't do justice to Bhopal, I thought I will write a brief review here.

Places to see:

a) Bhimbetka - A World Heritage site in Bhopal !! I wasn't aware of this. It has some of the oldest cave paintings in India and in the world. So this is where one finds the earliest signs of human life in India. On some of the stone walls, there are a 10000 year old, a 5000 year old and a 2000 year old drawings, all side by side. The place is called Bhimbetka because according to legend, the Pandavas stayed here while in exile. There is a rock high above where Bhim is supposed to have sat (so Bhim + beth, i.e. sit in Hindi). Ask for Mr Rai as the guide - he is an old chap but his voice really rings out loud.

b) Bhojeshwar Temple in Bhojpur has the largest Shivling in India. Incidentally, Bhopal is named after Raja Bhoj (of Gangu teli fame).

c) Lakes - Many lakes in the city. Bada Taal is really huge. One can do kayaking/boating in "Bada taal", and then go to Cafe Coffee Day on the hill to drink coffee while having a nice view of the lake.

My sister took me to a couple of really good restaurants. I forget the name. Sorry!!

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