Sunday, April 06, 2008

Same language subtitling helps improve literacy

In today's Times of India, Gurcharan Das has a very fascinating article on a creative method to improve literacy - same language subtitling of Chitrahar and Rangoli on Doordarshan. People often anticipate the next word of a song. If they are able to immediately associate it with the written word, the literacy improves. I immediately turned on Doordarshan to see Rangoli after a gap of maybe 14 years. And yes, it was there. Neat, simple and apparently very effective. Hats off to Dr. Brij Kothari for recognizing such a common sensical approach to improve literacy.


mediamovers said...

Same language subtitling(SLS) is one of essential way to educate people.

But wrong text/adaption can be deterrent to such process.

To ensure this success is replicated across India there has to be precise quality check at levels which demands professionals in huge numbers.
With more training & support from corporate & government Closed-Captioning should also be made implemented in countries like India for the deaf/heard of hearing population.

Media Movers, Inc.

Nirav Shah said...

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Interesting post about a misunderstood subject.