Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Om Shanti Om in Beijing Olympics

In the women rhythmic gymnastics event, the Israeli team choreographed the last 60 second or so of their last routine on "Dhoom Taana" from Om Shanti Om. They finished 6th. Very strange indeed!!

In 2004 Olympics, China won 73 medals and India won 1. In 2008 Olympics, China won 100 and India 3. Indian Olympics is a much higher growth story (growth of 200%) compared to a maturing Chinese story (growth of only 40%). Giving a 200x multiple to India's 3 medal count (there is a huge runway of growth left) and a 6x multiple to low growth China medal count story (this is a cyclical peak due to home country advantage, besides how much more can they go to), we come to a valuation of 600 for both. India has finally caught up with China!!!!

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Anonymous said...

This is great example of USE and ABUSE of analytical skills !! I like it.