Monday, February 09, 2009

Disney and DreamWorks

Anil Ambani is out of at least one hole - Dreamworks seems to be partnering Disney. Disney is the media stock that I would like to buy at some time. No newspapers or radio, and relatively little TV stations and network (ABC). ESPN is a monopoly in sports programming - and consumers want to see sports in live time rather than on DVRs. Parks are economically sensitive and will be hurt after a super run over the last few years - but there are no other good parks for kids besides Disney. With this distribution deal, they can increase the slate of movies on offer. 

Why doesn't any analyst cover Washington Post (WPO)? 

Lot of people in India keep talking that Anil Ambani is in a hole, though nobody know what that hole is. He timed the top of the market last year with his R-Power IPO in January. If he is in a hole, why are his companies still doing deals like crazy? 

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