Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Adani Power

Adani Power traded flat on listing. Good that I did not invest in it, and got the 10% return instead by playing Torrent Power as a tangential bet on Adani Power.

We need a few successful IPO's to get people really excited. Adani Power unfortunately was not it. And NHPC is also not going to be it. The IPO market might take a back seat for a few months if NHPC doesn't do well. At that time, broking stocks like Kotak might crack up a bit. And then there might be a flood of IPO's. If things play out that way, there might be an entry point into brokerage stocks sometime around Oct-Nov.

ET reports that IPO financing is picking up again. NBFC's have raised almost 10K crore for it. Good for Crisil and ICRA. They need NBFC's.

Also, by the way, it has started raining again - at least in Mumbai. A couple of days it rains more like this, an article here and there that monsoons have picked up, and agri commodities (sugar) cool down a bit. I might get to re-enter Dhampur at lower levels. Nothing ever goes up in a straight line forever - though the stock markets are doing that right now.

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IPO's are generally not good investments.