Wednesday, August 05, 2009

GSK Consumer

There was a good article on GSK Consumer two weeks back in Business Standard. 70% share in milk beverages market (50% Horlicks and 20% Boost) makes it a more dominant player in its category than even Colgate is in its category.

June qtr results were quite good for GSK, like for all other FMCG companies. GSK is at 20x and I have been thinking whether it is time to exit. The only reason not to sell is - Nestle, Colgate, HUVR are all trading in high 20x - low 30x. Even the mid-cap Indian FMCG companies like Godrej are now trading at 23x. GSK is one of the cheaper FMCG stocks around!!

Colgate has had the best growth numbers over last 3 years. GSK and Nestle growth has not been dramatically different over the past 3 years. Nestle has been trading at 25x levels for past 3 years. Is it very unreasonable to bet that GSK moves higher from here?

I am getting tempted to take money out of FMCG stocks and move into media stocks. I doubt there are positive earnings surprises left in FMCG, but it is possible that ad inflation pick up in India again later this year. India is a consumption growth story.

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Colgate excellent company.