Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Coca cola earnings

From Coca-Cola earnings.
  • Russia’s unit case volume declined 9 percent in the quarter, reflecting the impact of a continued challenging macroeconomic environment. Russia is struggling - this might impact PM and BAT due to downtrading.
  • Unit case volume growth in Northwest Europe was partially offset by weakness in Spain and Eastern Europe due to significant macroeconomic challenges in those regions.
  • Strong unit case volume growth of 6 percent in the quarter was led by a 6 percent increase in Mexico, a 5 percent increase in Brazil and a 6 percent increase in Argentina. Latam is up 6% on volumes in 1H - thats good news for the other beverage companies.
Mexicans are just behind Americans in per capita consumption of carbonated drinks and obesity rate is ahead of US - amazing for a developing country.

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