Sunday, July 19, 2009

Comment in Barrons

This is a good statement in this week's Barrons.

In coming months, Kass says the fear of being out will overcome fear of being in. Kass believes the March low of 666 on the S&P 500 might mark a generational low, but please don't mistake Kass -- or us -- for bulls. Huge bull rallies inside bear markets are hardly unusual. The long-term market headwinds haven't gone away, he notes. In addition to the macro concerns Roque cited, Kass lists an elevated savings rate, which lowers consumption; spreading wage deflation; the devastation of the construction and real-estate industries, once big job creators; and a reduced securitization market, a former growth engine, as factors that will weigh on stocks for years. "These issues raise the specter of a fragile recovery and a double-dip both in the economy and stock market next year," he says. Kass sees a "lumpy and inconsistent" market for the next few years, with substandard to negative returns.

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