Thursday, July 30, 2009


Regal's attendance growth again lagged the market, and by a wider margin this time. Company keeps driving ticket prices higher, which has an adverse impact on concession revenues (which is where theatres make their money). This implies Cinemark should once again have better attendance growth than industry. Lets see. At least I picked the right one here.

Not in case of Mastercard vs Visa. I picked Visa, and Mastercard has outperformed Visa by close to 20%.

I bought a share of Berkshire Class B. It is underperforming the market this year, which is strange considering the bear case on Berkshire is around the index put options that Buffet sold at market peak in 2007. I would have expected higher beta here.

Now I own both Microsoft and Berkshire :) WSJ had a pretty positive article on Microsoft today.


Anonymous said...

necesidad de comprobar:)

Penny Stock Info said...

To much is made of Berkshire Hathaway.